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Intel 4th Generation Processor

Intel 4th Generation Processor

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3 Jun 2013

Intel 4th generation of processor has been launched in CES 2013. This is the quad-core version of 4th generation processor with core i-series. It is well known as Haswell series. As well known for faster processing of Intel processor series, this segment focused on faster application performance along with better battery life, much-improved integrated graphics, and special features such as Wireless Display. Laptop battery life will be increased by 50% for example if any laptop runs for 5 hours then using this processor we can expect 9 hours of backup.

Tests and performance reports will tell exactly where this processor stands, undoubtedly it will be better than previous versions of processors but how much, the time will tell us.

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Maninder SIngh
good to see new processor
Rajwinder Singh